Here’s Your Guide to Deciding Which One is Best for You

Hand reaching out to to try and get fees back.

I write for Hackernoon.

As I began to stretch my horizons and move from exclusively writing on Medium, I found Hackernoon. They had a presence here on Medium. But now, they are more autonomous with a massive readership. In fact, I found Hackernoon through Medium. So, I wrote my first…

Start exploring crypto airdrops today and unlock your future wealth

Landed parachuted box on an orange background.

A cryptocurrency airdrop is when a project gives away its token to eligible participants. The reason a project does this is to generate hype or reward loyalty to existing token holders. To get involved, you must know where to find the information on an airdrop and follow the directions for…

If cryptocurrency is the currency of the people, then it’s the people who should ensure its survival

George Washington wearing Bitcoin sunglasses.

I’ve always had terrible balance.

I remember the balance beam on the playground from elementary school. It was my nemesis. No matter how hard I tried, I could not stay balanced and walk along that narrow beam. Of course, I thought I could balance myself right off the jump. It…

Atomic swapping off the blockchain is one of the most crucial components of the future blockchain economy

Two hands shaling in front of an atomic reaction.

Can too many cooks spoil the broth?

I visited a friend years ago at their new house. Another friend was there also. Both my friends were cooks and making a dish of their design for me to try. However, there was much debate about what ingredients to use and when… is making moves, so take heed, investor, and check out the news

Asian woman holding up five fingers.’s (CRO) token rose 23.25% over the past 24 hours, and the reason is the big deal with AEG. They owned the naming rights to the (former) Staples Center. Staples let go of the name rights earlier this year due to COVID hardships. And now the naming rights belong to…

Downward trends in crypto often create FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) and send investors running to sell off their assets and move to safer ground

Looking down a spiral staircase with a yellow background.

It’s been a bloodbath this week.

As I scroll through CoinMarketCap (CMC), it doesn’t look a lot like Christmas. But more like “The night the reindeer died “(Scrooged, anyone). Nearly every top market token and coin are in the red. So, I set out to discover why.

According to CMC…

A crypto bull run can mean significant gains for your portfolio, but you must also watch out for these pitfalls

Drowning bull being thrown a life preserver.

A friend of mine got overconfident during a bull run. Bitcoin has always been in his portfolio. But he started buying into a wide variety of rising altcoins without researching. Then, two months later, the market turned bearish. Some projects disappeared utterly, and while some remained, it almost completely wiped…

T.C. Gunter

I’m T.C., a Crypto Enthusiast, AltStable Editor, Medium Contributor and Hackernoon Scribe. I love watching otters eat as well as reaction videos.

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